AstaFX Super Formula

AstaFX BottleAstaFX Astaxanthin Super Formula is a supplement that helps to support muscle endurance, promoting healthier skin and increases visual acuity too. It is a powerful, all natural antioxidant that supports the body’s cardio functions, increases endurance, improves vision and the skin as well. AstaFX is a natural carotene that is considered a super antioxidant. It helps to eliminate free radicals from the body that damage cells and tissues within the system. It has shown to be far superior compared to other antioxidants available and is stronger than Vitamin C as well. It will help to support and improve energy levels, the skin, the eyes, muscle endurance, muscle recovery, the immune system and the circulation within the body too.




One of the most bioavailable and innovative Astaxanthin products available on the market today is the AstaFX. It features Astaxanthin that is patented or has pending patents for multiple health applications including cardiovascular health, immune function, and skin health, visual acuity, and muscle endurance.

Additionally, AstaFX has an exclusive blend of an evidence-based Astaxanthin product called AstaREAL. This product is backed by multiple health studies and patented with an Organic Flax Oil. Health studies report its ability to naturally promote circulatory health, immune health, muscle endurance and recovery, visual health, skin health, and healthy energy levels.

AstaFX: Health Uses and Benefits

Skin Health – With the flaxseed oil as its major ingredient, AstaFX is known to promote skin health. It offers a significant support in maintaining youthful skin qualities such as elasticity. The consumption of flaxseed oil enhances the body’s fatty acid changes, influencing the skin’s health condition. The flaxseed oil’s versatility also benefits other important areas of health.

Visual Health – More than two decades of research studies have shown remarkable results that led to the conclusion that AstaFX, as an Astaxanthin supplement, promotes ocular health. It is suggested for ocular and acuity accommodation, especially for those who are working in areas that require staring at the computer screens for a long period of time. Its antioxidant properties demonstrate protective effects on the retina.

Active Lifestyle – The AstaFX formula is also known to support normal and vigorous physiologic functions. It promotes muscle endurance, healthy skin, visual acuity, and cardiovascular functions.

AstaFX Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 of the AstaFX vegetarian capsules daily with a meal, or take as directed by your health care professional.  Optimally, during the first 15 days, double the dose.  Best results are obtained with daily use of AstaFX.